Memo From the Sports desk: Think B4 you Facebook Something Stupid Vol. 4

Here we go again. You can’t make this stuff up…well I wouldn’t anyway. Enresto the Iguana, who handles sports prognostication, security, and runner duties around here wanted to get all Medieval on people who were making it impossible to read my Facebook page because they post 48 times a day (really…I have three friends on that pace…), incessantly post something vapid, or just suffer from a general malaise that would have made Roderick Usher seem like a downright party animal.

As usual, Ernesto’s acumen is laser-sharp. People are, indeed,l getting their freak on while posting…and I don’t mean freaky-deaky freak, I mean creepy freak. I realized I had to shine a light to clean out the cobwebs, so people might be a little more self-aware about exactly how vacuous things are getting. (Except you, Tony. I just posted yours because it was so funny!) Besides, I hadn’t done this feature in far too long:)

So keep it up people. You keep writin’ ‘em and I’ll keep postin’ ‘em:) The top ten items for this episode are..

10. I’m goin’ to Sizzler! I’m goin’ to Sizzler!

9. Chicken breast for dinner [Author’s Note: Dude, you’re an animal…]

8. Help me out people: Clamato, Mr. Pibb, or soy milk?

7. I love eggs, from my head down to my legs, but I might have gotten sick from these last ones…

6. The cat just puked.

5. …needs help watering his crops.

4. …wishes it would rain.

3. …is raking leaves.

2. What kind of school is it when a poor defenseless nerd can’t come home from Dungeons and Dragons without getting beat up?!

[React: WTF?]

..and the winner…

1. I will now clean liquid chocolate cake mix off of the following: coffee maker, refrigerator, refrigerator magnets, kitchen sink, kitchen window, kitchen window blinds, kitchen faucet, kitchen floor, kitchen table, coffee grinder, oven, cupboards above sink, wine rack, cupboards and drawers right and left of oven, sugar jar, pants, shirt, belt, feet.

Dude, next time remember to add the water…OMG!

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