Deer Antler Spray! What Will They Think of Next?

Deer Antler Spray! What will they think of next? Is there no end to the cheating? Is there no end to the depths to which cheaters will plumb? Remember Motoman? Lance Armstrong’s motorcycle buddy who passed out the team’s white lunch bags? That had PEDs hidden inside??!! Between the bottom burger patty and the bottom bun?

Now we have Vijay Singh – already someone suspected in a cheating beef from years ago – giving us the alibi of “I didn’t know” what it had in it.

Vijay, it’s your responsibility. You are now alleged to be a PED cheat. What do YOU think should hapen to you.

Let me guess…maybe he’ll give us the new Lance Armstrong sound byte…”the only way forward is amnesty.” As in “if they come clean, there is no punishment.”

Can you imagine if we let people get away with that?

Steroid/PED cheats? Hang ‘em high. On 2d thought, hanging is too good for them. If it’s me, I give Vijay two years, like every other cheat gets. But don’t look for action from Timid Tim Finchem, Mr. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil…unless you’re not a star. Then you get railroaded.

Posted: January 31st, 2013 under Sports and the Law, Sports and the Media, Steroids in Sports.
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