Oh, That is Cool! Droid App Debuts for Casa de Campo Teeth of the Dog


James Bond has Q Branch, I have the “Gadgeteers,” a core group of computer scientists and Internet experts that keep me up-to-date on the latest in technology. There’s University of Edinburgh grad Ian Clarke. He is to the computer sciences what Stephen Hawking was to physics, inventing one super-cool program after another, and hen aw-shucksing it off with a Guinness at the local pub in Austin. There’s Brendan O’neill, who knows everything about every product before it gets released. “It’s the Droid you’re looking for!” he quipped as he recommended the Motorola RAZR series smart phone to me, and I’ve been wired in ever since. And there’s Fred von Lohmann, the best Internet lawyer in the world. He also once had the best pony tail in law:) Between them, I have the market for gadgets at my fingertips. Desmond Llewelyn ain’t got nuthin’ on my team.

Well now I finally get to turn the tables on my boys: I’ve got a gadget they knew nothing about. I downloaded the Droid app for Casa de Campo’s Teeth of the Dog, and now I can watch aerial flyovers of every hole.

To quote Tony Korologos, “Oh that is cool.”

Teeth of the Dog? There’s an app for that. What a fascinating modern age we live in.

Forget about collecting yardage books. Yardage books just went the way of the cassette tape. Now you can download the yardage book to your phone, along with course photos, flyovers of every hole, and pages of course info. On top of that, you can – get this! – book tee times, score your round, get GPS for the day’s pin placements, and phone in your lunch. It’s even tells you the weather, although who needs it. 88 and sunny is the default at Casa. A cloud has supposedly been seen overhead once or twice, but not by reliable sources.

Moreover, Teeth of the Dog is one of the world’s great golf treasures. It’s held the top position in the region since the day it opened in 1969, and it still routs all comers. Quintessential golf course architect and critic Tom Doak even listed Teeth as one of his 31 favorite courses in the World in his Confidential Guide to Golf Courses.

But Casa is much more than just Teeth. It’s cliff-top golf at Fore! (and now at the new Lakes nine, (called “Five by Pete and his friends). It’s the Lakes course, one of Pete’s sporty designs with diverse styles of bunkering and inland lagoon, somewhat akin to his home course of Delray Dunes. And it’s La Romana one of Pete’s private designs that is occasionally open to the public, a rare bird indeed!

Here’s the link to the free download. It’s worth it just for the flyovers. Hey Casa! Now get us flyovers for the Links Course, Fore! and La Romana C.C. too. Plus scorecards and some more photos. It’s too much fun not to share.

Posted: March 26th, 2013 under Jay's Gear!, Pete Dye.
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