Reads of the Day – Mike Vaccaro, Jason Whitlock, Hooked on Golf Blog and a response to Scot Duke

I’ll be continuing my write up of the media days at Black Mesa over the weekend. Tony Korologos at Hooked on Golf Blog has great video, photos and a breakdown to tide you over. Also, Scot Duke, Mr. Business Golf added Black Mesa to his must play list, so add him to your must read list. In the meantime, here’s the other must-reads of the day.

I hate the Yankees – the Pinstripes, the owners and fans – but I don’t hate the men themselves.  To that end, I have nothing but respect and admiration for Joe Torre. What the Yankee organization and their fans don’t understand is that high-priced free agents don’t win championships (see Owens, Terrell), a sound foundation, farm team players with long ties to the organization and a great leader as a coach win championships. During the halcyon years of the late 90′s it was the homegrown talent that won all those playoff games. Mike Vaccaro recognizes that in his NY Post piece today.
Via con dios, Joe…and thanks for setting a great example with your grace class and dignity…kinda like Vaccaro.

Next, Jason Whitlock slams hip hop culture for the cancer it is – in sports and in life. From the piece:

Hip hop athletes are being rejected because they’re not good for business and, most important, because they don’t contribute to a consistent winning environment. Herm Edwards said it best: You play to win the game.

I’m sure when we look up 10 years from now and 50 percent — rather than 70 percent — of NFL rosters are African-American, some Al Sharpton wannabe is going to blame the decline on a white-racist plot.

That bogus charge will ignore our role in our football demise. We are in the process of mishandling the opportunity and freedom earned for us by Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Doug Williams, Mike Singletary, Gale Sayers, Willie Lanier and countless others. And those of us in the media who have rationalized, minimized and racialized every misstep by Vick, Pacman and T.O. have played an equal role in blowing it.

By failing to confront and annihilate the abhorrent cultural norms we have allowed to grab our youth, we have in the grand American scheme sentenced many of them to hell on earth (incarceration), and in the sports/entertainment world we’ve left them to define us as unreliable, selfish and buffoonish.

Right on, Jason. You make perfect sense.  Remember when Tom Jackson of ESPN – who defends the player at every opportunity – told everyone after the Sharpie incident, “Terrell Owens, keep doing what your doing” on the pregame show the week after?  Well Whitlock – an African American gentleman himself, points out what we all knew from the day the Falcons let MC Hammer into the locker room and sidelines of the 1991 NFC Championship game, and from the “Bad Boy” pistons of the NBA days – we have been on the rocket sled to hell.

Well finally, the pendulum is swinging back. Don’t feed the beast, slay the beast, one arrow at a time.

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